Business Valuation

We analyze, report, and testify to the facts, and only the facts – Veritas provides valuation services for Buy/Sell agreements, closely held businesses, commercial and partner disputes, divorces, estate planning and taxation, expert testimony and litigation support, minority shareholders, partnerships, phantom stock incentives, stock option incentives. As a team of investigative accountants, fraud examiners and financial analysts, we untangle economic facts. Then, we report our findings, support our clients in resolution and testify whenever needed.

Complex business valuation situations require a team of seasoned professionals – Veritas manages its Business Valuation projects with an appropriate combination of Certified Public Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, Doctors of Economics, professors, court-appointed Special Masters, and former CFO’s, the majority of whom have both state and federal court testifying experience.

Complex Valuation and Economic Issues –  We help to navigate decisions, utilize our extensive expertise, detect suspected impropriety, determine the value specific to the needs, and identify misleading appearances.

In this fast changing economic climate, it is often important to value a business in its early stages or, for a mature business, at regular intervals. We understand the need to keep a close eye on those economic factors affecting business value and likely proceeds.

Knowing the Path Ahead, Clear Communication, Concise and Compelling Findings – Clear communication of project status and the path forward is critical to keep everyone on the same page. These areas are where Veritas clients tell us we excel.


Selling a Minority Interest

Forensic Accounting and Consulting

We were retained by an individual for the purpose of selling a minority interest in the shares of an extraordinarily high-growth consulting practice. We examined historical financials, financial trends and growth rates, projected cash flows, business risks and comparable business sales. With the value discovered, we came alongside and counseled the seller.

Strategic Value

Business Planning

We were retained by the Baldwin Resource Group (BRG) to provide a strategic market valuation of the business for purposes of business planning. We examined economic trends, business strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, historical operating results, projected cash flows and associated risks in assembling our findings for the specific needs of BRG.

Fair Market Value

Market Analysis

We were retained to provide a fair market valuation of a long-time northwest favorite, legacy business for purposes of planning and possible sale. We examined macro and micro economic trends, historical and projected operating results, and risks associated with the business and delivered a product tailored to the specific needs of our client.