Claims Analysis

We answer the all-important question, “What would have happened had the event not occurred?”

Investigate and report the facts and only the facts – As a team of investigative accountants, fraud examiners and financial analysts, we untangle economic facts. Then, we report our findings, support our clients in resolution and testify whenever needed. We examine transactions, business operations, representations, assertions, markets, and other economic factors. We identify the parameters for reasonable reserves, establish reasonable loss values, calculate economic damages, measure business value and identify red flags of misrepresentation, where appropriate.

Effective claims analysis requires an expert team of seasoned professionals – Veritas can bring particular value early in an engagement as reserves, prospective values, a reasonable work plan and expectations are being set. We accomplish this through our unique combination of seasoned professionals, the majority of whom have both state and federal court testifying experience.

Veritas also brings particular value towards the end of an engagement where simple, clear findings, exhibits and testimony on the stand, in arbitration, deposition or appraisal can make the difference between winning or losing a case.

Knowing the Path Ahead, Clear Communication, Concise and Compelling Findings – Coming up with the correct value, finding or findings is the first and most critical step, but boiling this answer down to a clear, concise and compelling report, exhibits and testimony is also of utmost importance. Additionally, clear communication of project status and the path forward is critical to keep everyone on the same page. These areas are where Veritas clients tell us we excel.


Hurricane-Damaged Businesses

Catastrophic Events

Following the 2004 and 2005 unparalleled hurricane seasons, we assisted national insurance carriers in measuring and settling more than 50 business interruption losses.

Puget Sound Energy

Insurance Claims Analysis

In the midst of a three-year period in which a variety of Arctic storms lashed the Northwest, we were retained by an international insurance carrier to review the extent of recoverable insurance losses.

World Trade Center Bombings - Unprecedented Crises

Economic Damages Analysis

We helped business in airports worldwide measure business income losses. Insurance carriers accepted our claim submittals without exception bringing to a close this difficult crises for the retailers for whom we worked. We also worked with an IPO publishing company to quantify its business income losses and segregate 9/11 factors from other economic dynamics.