Construction Cost Audit & Delay Claims

Records Probed – When charges don’t match expectations, we check the records. We do the math. We scrutinize contractor billings, calculate overhead and profit, and equip attorneys, businesses and insurance carriers with the analysis.

Reality Affirmed – We assure clients that the bottom line makes sense. In disputes over construction defects, suspected unreasonable profits or overhead, misrepresented or improperly allocated costs, delays and expenses, we call out the inappropriate. Our audits have led to millions recovered and saved.

Auditing contractor billings and vendor costs requires a team of seasoned professionalsVeritas manages its cost audit projects with an optimal combination of Certified Public Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, Doctors of Economics, professors, court-appointed Special Masters, and former CFO’s, the majority of whom have both state and federal court testifying experience.

Veritas Professionals collaborate and draw upon their experience as investigative accountants, fraud examiners and financial analysts to unearth key evidence to expose the truth. Affirming facts helps build strong cases and compelling positions. We are experienced in the courtroom as those with whom we have worked will attest.

Complex Billing, Profit, Cost Issues – Coming up with the correct value, finding or findings is the first and most critical step, but boiling this answer down to a clear, concise and compelling report, exhibits and testimony is also of utmost importance. And at the back end of an engagement where simple, clear testimony on the stand, in arbitration, deposition or appraisal can make the difference between winning or losing a case.


Pipeline Explosion

Recovery Cost Analysis

Following the Olympic Pipeline explosion in Bellingham, Washington, we helped Lloyd’s of London evaluate more than $28 million in cleanup, recovery costs and other economic damages that resulted from the gas leak, explosion and fire.

Construction, Stabilization, Remediation, Renovation and Recovery Costs

Transmission line failure, wildfire litigation, polluted site clean-up, new construction and renovations issues – Veritas Associates measure the damage and reasonable costs to recover from a wide variety of these crises and the financial issues that arise in their wake.  

Storm and Fire Damage

Claims and Cost Analysis

We regularly help insurers identify millions of dollars worth of improperly charged overhead and profit charges among claimed repair and recovery costs. This work helps save insurance companies millions of dollars.