Forensic (Investigative) Accounting

The associates at Veritas Forensic Accounting will work with you as an expert team of investigative accountants, fraud examiners and financial analysts. We untangle economic facts. Then, we report our findings, support our clients in resolution and testify whenever needed. We examine transactions, business operations, representations, assertions, markets, and other economic factors. We test and calculate economic damages, measure business value, identify fraud factors, if found, and communicate relevant and reliable conclusions in a concise and compelling way.

Our seasoned team of accountants, economists and financial analysts tackle the most challenging forensic accounting projects with what we believe is an ideal combination of Certified Public Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, Doctors of Economics, professors, court-appointed Special Masters, and former CFO’s, the majority of whom have both state and federal court testifying experience.

Veritas Associates work with legal counsel to get to the truth and chart the best path forward. Unearthing key evidence exposes the truth. Affirming facts helps build strong cases and compelling positions. We are experienced in the courtroom as those with whom we have worked will attest.

Complex Causation and Economic Issues – We bring particular value early in an engagement as reserves, prospective values, a reasonable work plan and expectations are being set. And, at the back end of an engagement where simple, clear testimony on the stand, in arbitration, deposition or appraisal can make the difference between winning or losing a case.

Knowing the Path Ahead – Coming up with the correct value, finding or findings is the first and most critical step, but boiling this answer down to a clear, concise and compelling report, exhibits and testimony is also of utmost importance.


Providing the Path Forward

In the wake of the 2008 liquidity crises

Veritas Associates made clearer the path forward for a bank and leasing company whose investment expectations did not materialize following a downturn in the economy. How much was lost? To what specific event should the losses be traced? Were any key factors misrepresented?

Millions Traced and Exposed!

Fraud Examination

Our forensic accountants and fraud examiners assisted in one of the insurance industry’s greatest success stories in exposing the key financial details of a west coast staged accident fraud scheme responsible for millions in phony claims.

All manner of investigative assignments

Veritas Forensic Accountants and Economists are regularly retained in matters involving breach of contract and fiduciary duty, business interruption, business dissolution, economic viability, class actions, bellwether plaintiffs, construction defect, construction delay and cost overrun, builder’s risk policies, employee dishonesty, receivership, bankruptcy, fraud, insurance loss, inventory loss …