Fraud Examination

Deceit Revealed/Activity Unearthed – We forge the trail to the truth. When cash is misdirected, financial facts distorted or dollars stolen, we discover those who misrepresent the facts, detail what has occurred, and measure damages, if appropriate.

We’ve helped resolve hundreds of cases and helped those impacted quantify the extent of impropriety. We assess, evaluate, document and quantify. Our broad experience across a wide range of industries gives our clients distinct advantages and exposes what has transpired so that our clients, attorneys and authorities can take the next steps.

Veritas has managed its projects with a unique combination of Certified Public Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, Doctors of Economics, professors, court-appointed Special Masters, and former CFO’s, the majority of whom have testified in both state and federal court.

Complex Fraud/Employee Theft Issues – Veritas Professionals collaborate and draw upon their experience as investigative accountants, fraud examiners and financial analysts to unearth key evidence to expose the truth. Affirming facts helps build strong cases and compelling positions.

We also assist at the back end of an engagement where simple, clear testimony on the stand, in arbitration, deposition or appraisal can make the difference between winning or losing a case.

Knowing the Path Ahead, Clear Communication, Concise and Compelling Findings – Coming up with the correct value, finding or findings is the first and most critical step, but boiling this answer down to a clear, concise and compelling report, exhibits and testimony is also of utmost importance. These areas are where Veritas clients tell us we excel.


Kickback Schemes

Special Investigative Unit Assistance

We provided several insurance representatives, investigators and attorneys with the information they needed to uncover a kickback scheme and other fraudulent misrepresentations involving staged auto accidents and misrepresented medical treatments.

Oh no, not the trusted Controller / Chief Financial Officer!

Uh oh, it seems the one who we trusted most has taken the funds. We have helped public entities, churches, not-for-profits and for-profit enterprises trace the trail of deceit and quantify economic loss. Veritas Associates have provided the nuggets of truth and findings that make clearer the path forward through tangled financial webs.

The Estate of Jimi Hendrix

Estate Litigation

In the midst of a bitter dispute over the operation and distribution of the estate of Jimi Hendrix, we provided legal counsel with the information they needed to pursue claims and resolve the dispute.