Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

Relevance and Reliability – Veritas Associates provide relevant and reliable findings and testimony. We are regularly retained by businesses, attorneys and insurance carriers to quantify, test and evaluate economic damages, and participate in damage measurement dispute resolution.

Successful litigation support projects begin with seasoned professionals. For over 25 years, Veritas Associates have been managing economic loss projects with teams of expert Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Certified Fraud Examiners, Doctors of Economics, professors, court-appointed Special Masters, and former CFO’s, the majority of whom have experience testifying in both state and federal courts.

Veritas Associates work with legal counsel to get to the truth and chart the best path forward. As part of our litigation support services, we provide thorough investigative services because unearthing key evidence exposes the truth. Affirming facts helps build strong cases and compelling positions. We are experienced in the courtroom as those with whom we have worked will attest.

Complex Causation and Litigation Issues – Veritas Professionals collaborate and draw upon their decades of experience with litigation arising from such notable events as the Exxon Valdez and BP Oil Spills, the 9/11 attack and the 2008 liquidity crisis.

Clear, Concise and Compelling – Coming up with the correct value, finding or findings is the first and most critical step, but boiling this answer down to a clear, concise and compelling report, exhibits and testimony is where Veritas clients tell us we excel.


Bellingham Pipeline Explosion

We Gathered the Facts, Quantified and Clarified.

We worked with the City in examining claims made against it, with Georgia-Pacific on the temporary loss of operations and with Lloyd’s of London in evaluating losses submitted by businesses affected by closures and recovery.

Gulf Pollution

600+ Claims, $250,000,000 in Claimed Losses, Due to Alleged Pollution

Veritas analyzed more than 600 business income loss claims from all types of businesses alleged to have been directly impacted by Gulf-area pollution. Veritas utilized industry specific economic research from markets around the globe and dug deep into accounting records to refine issues, supply fair and reasonable values and segregate poor economic performance from other adverse economic factors.

More than $200 Million in Damages

How much had been spent and for what purpose?

We were retained to test and measure the damages associated with the clean-up of polluted sites in Washington and Idaho. How much had been spent and for what purpose? Were contractor profits reasonable? We examined the general ledgers of a variety of for-profit and not-for-profit entities to determine the reasonable economic damages consistent with counsel’s case theory.